Board Nominations : Reminder

Earlier in the year, months of chat and discontent over the Supporters Trust came to a head and resulted in a push for a Special General Meeting and changes to the Board sitting therein.  At that time there were people who indicated that it was an organisation that they might have considered getting involved with if not for the internal challenges that would exist for whoever stepped up at the time.

Thanks to the hard work and diligence of those who did step up, the organisation now finds itself in a far better place…

  • Internal administrative and procedural issues have been rectified.
  • For the first time in what looks like many, many years there’s a members list which we have some confidence in and which has allowed us to meet the obligation of better communicating with the members/fans.
  • Dialogue has been opened up with the club and we are represented on the ICT 25th Year Celebrations Committee…with the ICT Supporters Trust Hall of Fame being included on the calendar of events (date tbc).  For those of you who don’t know about the Hall of Fame, you can get more info here :
  • We got off to a bit of a sticky start on the SLO conversation, but there’s now a commitment from the club to regularly review and grow that role.  The first review is due to take place during November 2018 and we welcome the proactive approach now being taken in this area.

It is the shared hope of the ICT Supporters Trust Board that at least some of those who previously saw the above as a barrier to putting themselves forward for the board will now be more comfortable in doing so.

Fresh faces bring fresh ideas, fresh energy and a wider focus to any organisation.  We all have an opportunity to ensure the ICT Supporters Trust never again becomes stale and unable to meet the purposes for which it exists.  That can be from supporting the work of those involved directly with the society or, and this is where we really need your help, by stepping forward and being one of those people joining the board.

Applications for board nominations are being accepted up until midday on 6th November and you can find the information and forms at : alternatively, drop us an email to and someone will assist you from there.

We will also have board members on hand at the Stadium Sports Bar (Pie and Pint for a fiver from 12pm) before this weekend’s Highland Derby.  Come bring us your forms, ask us some questions, sign up for the tenpin bowling night at the end of the month….or just for a bit of idle chit chat!

I could finish with any one of a dozen inspirational, cliched call to arms type lines, but it boils down to this….

The ICT Supporters Trust exists to give fans the opportunity for a strong collective voice.

  • If you want that voice to exist, then support it.
  • If you want to be part of that voice, then join it.
  • If you want to help drive that voice, then get your board nomination submitted…NOW!!

Thank You

Don Johnstone